These industry-leading brands are part of the
AVL Digital Group:

CD Baby
CD Baby is the world’s largest digital distributor and retailer of independent music. Our CD Baby online store sells downloads and CDs by over 300,000 unsigned artists, allowing those artists to maximize their music revenues by selling their music direct to their fans through their CD Baby stores. CD Baby has the exclusive digital distribution rights to over 4 million music tracks, making us the largest content provider to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and dozens of other digital music stores and streaming sites. We also allow artists to sell music via their own websites and Facebook pages. CD Baby has paid out $250 million to artists for their independent music sales since its founding in 1997. Go to website ▶

Disc Makers
Disc Makers is the leading independent CD and DVD manufacturer in the U.S. We work exclusively with independent artists and filmmakers, and have geared our manufacturing processes to be optimized to their specific needs. With full in-house mastering, replication, printing, and packaging services, Disc Makers delivers the highest disc quality at turn times that are unheard of in the industry – as fast as overnight! The company features award-winning graphic design for CD and DVD covers from our Design Studio, professional post-production mastering from our SoundLab, and complete DVD menu design in our Authoring House. Over a quarter million musicians have used Disc Makers to launch their careers, and the company produces over 60,000 CD and DVD projects a year. Go to website ▶

Launched in January of 2011, BookBaby has quickly become one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world of eBook publishing and distribution. BookBaby makes it easy for the independent author to publish their own books, by offering complete eBook conversion and formatting services, book cover design, and hardcover and paperback book printing services. With thousands of new book titles added each year, the company boasts one of the largest eBook distribution networks, including, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, and many other stores. Go to website ▶

Oasis Disc Manufacturing
Oasis is the 2nd most recognized brand in CD and DVD manufacturing for independent artists in the U.S. Specializing in green and sensible packaging options, Oasis has built a huge and loyal following among a wide range of artists, but with particular concentration in the folk, acoustic, and adult contemporary music segments. Founded in 1991, Oasis distinguishes itself among musicians who want that personal touch, with client advisors who help artists make the right decision for their CD or DVD packaging format. Go to website ▶

With over 15,000 sites hosted, HostBaby is the leading web hosting platform for independent musicians and authors. HostBaby specializes in simple, DIY web site building, allowing our clients to build sophisticated, professional websites that look great, without needing to know HTML web programming or design. The HostBaby wizard guides customers effortlessly through the process, giving them a choice of hundreds of professionally designed templates. Go to website ▶

Disc Production Services
With over 65 years of media manufacturing and distribution success as its root, Disc Production Services (DPS) offers a secure white label, wholesale custom disc manufacturing service for distributors, resellers, trade associations and company stores. Our turnkey service allows digital distributors, recording and mastering houses, supplies sellers, music services providers, and music and video gear manufacturers to quickly and lucratively offer high quality disc duplication services to their clients, while DPS takes care of customer service and all manufacturing functions. Go to website ▶