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The global leader of independent music monetization


The global leader of independent music monetization

If you make music, the companies of AVL Digital Group will help you distribute and monetize your songs, videos, and sound recordings — worldwide.

As the global leader in independent music distribution and monetization, we have decades of experience helping recording artists, songwriters, and record labels distribute their music to all relevant platforms and tap into the most revenue sources. We do it all while providing artist-friendly terms, expert support, and the most reliable accounting in the business (CD Baby, for instance, has paid its clients EVERY SINGLE WEEK for 21+ years).

The companies of AVL Digital Group are the most respected brands in the fields of independent music distribution, music publishing, sync licensing, social video monetization, music marketing, and more.

Through our services, an independent musician can:

  • Get their music onto 150+ digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, and Deezer

  • Collect global music publishing revenue associated with their composition rights

  • Monetize their recordings on social video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and more

  • License their songs for use in film, television, video games, commercials, and more

  • Grow their audience and web presence through our marketing, advertising, and hosting tools

  • Bypass the major label system, own their rights, and control both their music and career

Our distribution brand CD Baby is the ONLY digital aggregator to have top-preferred status with both Apple Music AND Spotify, and we leverage our strong relationships with other companies such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook to give musicians the greatest access – and the best fee structure – available anywhere.

AVL Digital’s full stack of solutions for music rights holders includes:

•    Global music distribution to 150+ streaming and download platforms.
•    Worldwide rights monetization, including music publishing administration for songwriters/composers, synchronization licensing, and more.
•    Social video monetization on platforms YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram via Content ID, Multi Channel Networks, and publisher representation.
•    Physical distribution of CD and vinyl.
•    Direct-to-fan ecommerce, offering the highest payouts anywhere.
•    Marketing and promotion, including Show.co campaigns, streamlined audio & banner ad management, website hosting, and tools for content creators to build their social following and fan lists.

In short, if you own or manage music content and want to get it to market, we can help. Check out the brand that’s right for you, and let’s talk.